Significant rain and wind report

24 October, 2017

CW4114 (this station) reported at wind gust of 37 MPH at 7:01 AM today. CoCoRaHS observation (manual rain gauge) was 2.85" for the 24 hour period ending at 8AM this morning. Storm total is 3.92". NovaLynx TBR indicated 3.18" for 24hrs, 4.36" total. There are significant wind eddies that cause variation of rain catch in my yard.

1.16 inches of rain overnight

31 March, 2016

We received 1.16" of rain overnight. This is from the CoCoRaHS gauge.




Wide range of snow depths overnight

29 December, 2015

With the high winds we have areas that are bare grass, others that are about a foot and some 21" to 31"+ inch drifts.

The Ultrasonic Rangefinder was unfortunately unable to record snow since the snow board directly below the sensor was swept clean by the wind. Also, the wind moved the sensor arm off of the target area which resulted in a negative couple of inches this morning.

Many times overnight the ultrasonic signal was lost judging by the large negative depth values. (the rangefinder reports 5,000 mm when the signal is lost due to heavy snow absorbing all the signal.)

The Davis VP2 rain gauge recorded a significant amount of liquid and the heater was melting the snow quite well until we lost power at a quarter after eight this morning. Power came back on just after noon. Great job Consumers, many in the outlying county don't have power from the day before Christmas storm.

It is interesting that we had nearly 50mph winds from that storm with winds from the West. This storm was just as strong wind-wise, but from the East. There was probably lake-effect enhancement due to the winds coming in off Lake Huron.

Lost the signal from the RC Marina early this morning right as it recorded nearly 54mph.



More damage in RC from today's storms

02 August, 2015

I took a drive around town a few minutes ago.  A large tree in Lakeside Park is down. Unfortunately, the large tent set up for the Nautical Festival was blown down in the storm.

This is in addition to the Westminster Park damage with multiple trees down.




Thunderstorm damage today

02 August, 2015

We have several trees down in the park about a block away here in Rogers City.

Peak wind gust recorded was close to 50 mph. Highest seen on my equipment!




Small storm near Presque Isle

31 July, 2015

A dark cloud passed over Rogers City about 20 minutes ago. We can see a billowing cumulus to the south.

Radar indicates rain over Grand Lake. Lightning strikes in the Grand Lake area.





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