Blitzortung Station #668 rebooted

31 March, 2015

The older model "Green" Blitzortung running on OpenWRT was not sending signals this morning. I rebooted the TP-Link OpenWRT device and it seems to be sending signals again. We had a very brief power interruption yesterday afternoon which was probably the culprit.




Fixed Michigan Lightning Map

26 March, 2015

I discovered that I had not updated my scripts and transferred the files from the old Linux box that generate the Michigan local lightning maps. This has been fixed. I am glad that I caught it time for the upcoming thunderstorm season!

This image will load from my other site,




Debugging lightning scripts

27 October, 2014

We had some lightning in the area for the first time since migrating to the new hosting server.

The AS3935 and Blitzortung Alert scripts didn't work, so I have been trying to debug them.

The AS3935 one seems to be working now, can't tell yet on the Blitzortung alerts...