Total storm snow amounts

17 April, 2018

With the high winds over the weekend, getting a good average depth was almost impossible due to my small yard and proximity of buildings. The wind velocity is amplified as it passes around and between garages and houses. Some areas were scoured bare, others have 36"+ drifts as of today.

Average depths are about 10.5".

See the data for my station MI-PI-1 over the last few days and please view the comments for a better understanding.

Some local reports seem to be exaggerating the amounts, but I don't know what the situation is in other areas in the County.



Snow depth since 8AM totals 11 inches

01 March, 2017

I measured the snow depth on the measuring board that was clear of snow at 8AM. There was 11 inches as of 2:15PM.

CoCoRaHS outer cylinder was completely full and was changed out for a fresh one.

Liquid equivalent (by weight) was 1.02".




Rangefinder is not indicating 1 inch of snow

01 January, 2016

There is an inch of snow laying on the ultrasonic rangefinder target board. It is showing a slight negative depth.

Either the snow is too fluffy and the ultrasonic signal is penetrating to the target, or the mounting arm is out of alignment. High winds earlier this week moved the arm off alignment, but it looks OK. Once the snow melts, I will recheck the "no snow" calibration distance.

A negative depth indicates that the rangefinder reading is farther than the fixed constant that the amount is subtracted from.



Yesterday's snowfall was 1.5" mostly melted this morning

19 October, 2015

There are few areas still showing snow remaining from the overnight snow on the 17th and 18th. That total was 1.5" when I was out in the morning for the measurements.

The snow has largely melted from a lot of areas. Areas exposed to the sun have none, there is some remaining in shaded areas on the grass tops. The rangefinder "target" snowboard is still showing 0.43", due to the insulation qualities of the expanded PVC and and air gap from being elevated.




Snowboards removed and Ultrasonic Snow Sensor put away!

14 April, 2015

I removed both snow boards, both CoCoRaHS and the Rangefinder Target board. The swing arm that holds the Ultrasonic Range Finder has been swung to a "stored" position. The sensor will continue to report erroneous data in this stored position.

There is a note to this effect on the "Snow" page.

This will probably cause it to snow!



Rangefinder target area had little snow

09 February, 2015

The area under the Ultrasonic Range Finder (MaxBotix) was largely swept clean by swirling winds last night.

This measurement was showing less than typical depths (4 inches) as a result.




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