4 inches of snow overnight

09 February, 2015

Recorded 4 in of new snow. Very fluffy stuff.



Snow was 1.06 inches

30 January, 2015

Snow depth was 1.06 inches this morning. Snowboard target was cleared at 8AM after recording this value.



Rangefinder saw 1.73 inches earlier

27 January, 2015

Very fluffy snow this morning. Rangefinder detected 1.73 inches some time during the night, actual measurement was 1.8 inches. At observation time, depth was back down to almost zero. I suspect overcompensation of the temperature sensor when the sun shines on the sensor shield.



Ultrasonic Rangefinder will be reset every morning

21 January, 2015

As part of my CoCoRaHS observation routine, I clear the "new snow" snowboard after the manual measurements are made. I will begin clearing the "target" snowboard under the MaxBotix sensor at the same time. This will result in a "reset" of snow data shown by the sensor on a daily basis.



Footprints under sensor area

13 January, 2015

A utility worker walked directly under the sensor area and left big footprints today. Consequently, the sensor readings are off. I am going to try to restore the snow to the prior level. I might end up cleaning the area off and starting over...



Rangefinder working well now.

05 January, 2015

Once I added the snow board, the readings stabilized. Other than some of the known issues with ultrasonic rangefinder snow depth measurement, it seems to be working quite well now. Occasionally I get an unexplained data spike, but the plotting log file is purged hourly so it will clear itself within a hour.



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