Bird Spikes added to Davis VP2 Rain Gauge

07 June, 2018

I finally got a small "deposit" from our fine feathered friends, so I decided it was time to add the bird spikes. This required relocating the Solar and UV sensors such that the spikes don't cast shadows on these sensors. Consequently the ISS sensors were unplugged while working on this and there was some erroneous temperature, dew point (hum), Solar and UV readings this morning. Rain gauge was not affected because I unplugged it prior to the maintenance.



NovaLynx gauge did not record rain today - counts are from testing afterwards.

17 September, 2017

Although we had significant rain this afternoon, the NovaLynx gauge did not record anything during the storm. I tried pouring water through and it seems to be working again. Don't know if it was blocked or something.

Bad rain counts again

18 July, 2017

I am just going to stick with the Davis rain for uploads. Meteohub is OK and NovaLynx counts are good on associated data.

Today's erroneous rain report edited

16 July, 2017

I removed the incorrect 1AM rain reading of 1.28 inches. Not sure what happened. This will throw off totals for the month/year.

Weatherlink and all data fed by Meteohub are still OK.


Erroneous Rain totals from Meteobridge

16 July, 2017

I have some high rain amounts reported by Meteobridge today. They are false, and my consoles and Meteohub data shows zero. My CoCoRaHS observation was zero rain overnight.

Please disregard today's rain amounts, I'll investigate what the cause was/is.



Minimal uploads until 24 port switch is fixed or replaced

23 June, 2017

My 24 port Ethernet switch died overnight. The Meteobridge PRO was connected directly to the USG50, but the raspberry pi's connect through the now defunct switch. No lightning or graphs will be updated until I can fix or replace the switch.


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