Lightning maps on

06 September, 2017

I noticed that the custom lightning maps were not updating all day yesterday and continuing this morning.

At first the maps would not increment the top bar times. I got it working for a while, then the strikes.txt went to zero file length and all the strikes after a point disappeared.

Thanks to Ken True of Saratoga-Weather who pointed out a server change. I updated the appropriate scripts and is seems to be OK now.

Sorry for any inconvenience, this was due to a change at The files that build the maps are now served from



Attack on site

06 January, 2017

I had an unpleasant New Year's Day surprise in Rogers City Weather. The page would not load. I found that there was an attack underway.

I applied some countermeasures and they seem to have been effective for several days now.

It is possible that some access might be blocked, send me an email via the contact page and I can check into it.



Ready for Winter

31 October, 2016

Ready for winter. The NovaLynx rain gauge has been covered, snow boards placed and ultrasonic rangefinder snow depth meter calibrated. Come-on snow!




Server issues at web hosting

14 January, 2016

The FTP connection to my web host is experiencing login failures today. I have tried to resolve this three times with the hosting company so far today.

The "clientraw.txt" out of date banner will show if this problem is occurring.



Cleaned snow sensor target board and recalibrated software

02 January, 2016

Apparently during the storm the movement of the sensor arm changed the distance to the target by 6mm. I have set the reference variable to 1636mm in order to re-calibrate the system.



Power outage from about 10AM until 1:15PM

14 December, 2015

Rogers City had a power failure this morning from about 10:00 AM until about 1:15 PM.

Numerous data loggers and small processors have been restarted. Data will be missing for this timeframe, except for Weather Underground, which will be uploaded with the logger archive.




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