Marina Weather via Weatherlink

If the "Current Conditions as of" message is in red, data is old due to an upload problem.

Davis Weatherlink data for Rogers City Marina

MarinaWX via RF Link Experimental Feature

Marina Repeater Status is SIGNAL OK

If SIGNAL LOST status is showing above, data should be considered as being not valid.
Data may vary from due to differing upload schedules. During periods of poor reception or interference, packet loss can cause wind speed samples to become lost. This results in a lower wind speed as received by the repeater.

Check Envoy8x if signal is lost at VUE console. In rare cases, it will work when the VUE doesn't.

Marina via Envoy8x Receiver


Wind and Rain

Wind Direction

Wind Vector

Data via Davis 7654 Long Range repeater with Yagi antennas. The large Yagi is pointed at the Davis ISS at the Rogers City Marina, the small Yagi antenna rebroadcasts the signal to my receivers to collect the data.

Repeater System Upgrades

Yagi antenna has been upgraded to a M2 Antennas 902-17 33cm with 17dBi gain versus the prior Yagi 14dBi. A shorter coaxial cable has eliminated about 1-2dB of loss. In addition, a new Mini-Circuits ZRL-1150LN+ amplifier has replaced the ZFL-1000GH. The new preamp has 34dB of gain vs. the prior 24dB and has a much better noise figure. The 10dB increase of gain allows the addition of an attenuator and band-pass filter to minimize interference from 750MHz and 850MHz signals. There is still some in-band interference that falls into the 902-928MHz range that Davis uses. The percentage of good packets has increased to more than 80% with this combination of components.

Antennas with Repeater and Pre-Amplifier. Black antenna is the 17dBi Yagi pointed at the marina. Top white housing is for the preamp and filters. Bottom white box is the Davis long-range repeater. Large white vertical antenna is the TOA Systems lightning stroke antenna and GPS. Antennas at the very bottom are the mushroom-shaped GPS for the Blitzortung detector and the small 6dBi Yagi antenna from the Davis repeater output. This photo was taken prior to completion of the TOA wiring and the coax cables were temporarily coiled. They have since been routed into the garage.