Note: there is a large tree to the immediate North of the wind instruments. This tree will signifiantly reduce wind speeds when wind is from the N or NNW.

Please see the Airport METAR or Marina Page for prevailing wind conditions if the wind is Northerly.

Low-Mounted Davis Wind Set on ISS to monitor wind currents close to Rain Gauge

Wind Charts

Vector Plot of Speed and Direction using RM Young

Plot of Davis versus RM Young Wind Direction.

With 0° at the bottom of the chart and 360° at the top, wind directions close to North will create a data spike as the direction passes between NNW to NNE. This is normal for this type of chart.

Plot of Davis versus RM Young Wind Speed.

Charts via Meteohub and Envoy8x. Uploaded by Meteohub.


Last 12 Hours Wind Plot for CW4114 in Knots

Data from CWOP. Wind is from R M Young Wind Monitor Jr.